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13094125_10209195326021595_6839481023019061111_nLi’alani is the Hawaiian name of a dear friend of mine.
Li’alani was my first landmark of the Hawaiian dance.

A cheerful girl whose voice since our first call denoted an infinite sweetness.
“Just come” she told me, “no one has artistic ambitions. We just dance to stay together and feel good!”
We met in this way and we understood each other immediately: we have in common just one passion: Hawai’i Islands and their limitless beauty.
With her I took my first steps of Hula without feeling uncomfortable you should know that I have always been light years in distance from dance!
I feel fine with her and with her immense ability to communicate me tranquility even in her “most complicated” moments.
Li’alani now lives in Honolulu, Li’alani now is trying to move definitely to the Islands and in this article I would like to tell you something about her and my first Hawaiian evening at her lovely place in Lanciano, a town among the Abruzzo’s hills.
I was at Li’alani’s for my first lesson of Hula and I still remember the emotion today.
I was a bit clumsy because the other girls were very good at Hula; with her I felt straightaway at ease.
It seemed we knew each other since ever!

10897060_10205642415881062_1334020672506972610_nAfter few days, I went back to Lanciano with my husband to enjoy a very unusual evening: an Hawaiian night among typical music and food.
Li’alani played the ukulele with other women and they sang a poignant song about one of the most beautiful beaches of Kaua’i: Hanalei Moon, a thrill at every chorus.
The Circolo Pickwick had already been active for some years, but, not living very close to it, I found it out just that warm night of October 2014.

I found myself in a warm and cozy place where I couldn’t stop looking around, snoop every corner and being pleasantly surprised of it.
The Circolo Pickwick was a literary café where, before my arrival, they organized a lot of theme nights, conferences and other events with masterly competence. Moreover, talking with the other guests there, I knew that Li’alani was (and still is for sure) a great cook who ran that place with tasty and colored, two words that can best represent her.
Tasty: the food I tried that evening had for me the magic of distant flavors, a really unique cooking mastery and I wasn’t able to decide which one was the best between banana bread and lomi lomi salmon.
Colored: walls, furniture and “Leis”, garlands on the tables, and the whole atmosphere was Color in that place.
Li’alani is a special person to which I wish to find only happiness and serenity and above all to let the Hawaiian world know how much she can help in their kitchens because she’s really good at it!
Hey Hawaiian friends, you don’t know it but in your land there’s an enchantress of Italian flavors and I really invite you to try her delicacies… in Italy we already miss her Pickwick and her recipes!
Now I would like to show you some of her creations

12509442_10208313229729739_704194489046599041_nHave you, my friends, ever prepared gnocchi for more than 100 people in a lost land in the Pacific Ocean?
And, have you ever been invited at one or more parties of  Li’alani, come to dinner at ours but you cook, don’t you?
Do I need to tell you when her famous “pasta all’amatriciana” had the greatest success ever in an entire hostel?
So much success that the owner wanted to keep her forever with him to cook for future guests?

I would like to end this article with some pictures of that wonderful night: some simple but true shots, made with my old phone to Hawaiian food prepared by Li’alani: every dish, a rediscovered pleasure.



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